Koja uredska stolica Vama najbolje odgovara?

Koja uredska stolica Vama najbolje odgovara?

Working in an office often means spending many hours sitting in an office chair, so it is very important that your chair is well suited to you and your body in terms of comfort, design and ergonomics. Read on to get to find out about our work chairs and find your new favourite!

If you only spend a short amount of time sitting:

Office chair DOVER
A simple but very useful office chair with a permanent contact back that follows your movements, a curved seat and paded back rest. This chair is recommended for short-term use and is a good choice for those who do not sit down for more than four hours at a time during their workday.

Office chair MILTON
This is a great value modern chair with synchronous technology, which means that both the seat and the back follow your body's movements and contribute to an ergonomic sitting position and increased blood circulation. Seat height and armrest position can be adjusted according to the user to provide the support needed when sitting for up to 8 hours.

If you are sitting for extended periods:

• Wembley office chair - An exclusive office chair with high-quality ergonomic features, a great choice for those who sit down for up to 12 hours a day. The ergonomic synchronous mechanism with a rocking function can be locked in four positions. You can easily adjust it to your body weight so that it follows your movements as closely as possible. The backrest is adjustable in height and equipped with a built-in headrest that provides good support for the neck and shoulders.

•  Liverpool office chair - This technically advanced and customisable office chair is built for long-term use. It is ideal for both regular office environments and tougher environments, such as control rooms. The 24-hour certification guarantees the highest comfort during a really long periods of use. The chair has several settings and ergonomic features that let you customise it to your body. You can easily adjust the backrest, seat height and angle, the headrest height and the inflatable lumbar support. In addition, this chair has armrests that can be angled up or down.

If you want to vary your seating position regularly:
• Twist active chair - Vary your work position during the day with an ergonomic wheeled chair! The Twist active chair is a great choice for those who want to remain active even when sitting down. It is equipped with a 360 degree rotating support bar that can be used as a backrest, stomach support or armrest depending on how you choose to sit on the chair. Perfect for those who want to vary their sitting position!

• Balance ball stool - An active chair, which means it engages and strengthens the core muscles of your body whilst offering high seated comfort. The balance stool has a built-in pilates ball that you can easily adjust with the supplied air pump. Since the body has to work harder to remain in the correct position, the chair encourages a good posture. In addition, it has a stylish design which look great in modern office environments!

If you want many ergonomic features:
• Harlow office chair - This is an exclusive office chair focusing on quality, environment, health and social responsibility. The chair has the eco-label The Blue Angel, which is awarded to products with lower environmental impact than comparable standard products. The LGA approval guarantees a high standard of quality and ergonomics. The chair's synchronous mechanism allows the chair back and seat to follow with your body's movements and helps you to vary your sitting position during the day. You can also adjust the seat angle, seat height and seat depth to suit the user.

• Rugby office chair - This is a complete office chair with many options and thoughtful features. Highly ergonomic, this office chair is equipped with a synchronous mechanism, which means that the chairs seat and back follow your body’s movements, contributing to a correct sitting position and increased blood circulation. The chair has air-controlled lumbar support, angled seat, adjustable seat depth and adjustable backrest and adjustable resistance.

If you want to exercise your body while sitting:
• Back App ergonomic stool - Experience a whole new way of sitting with the exclusive Back App ergonomic stool! Back App is an award-winning and unique chair that follows your body’s movements and gives you a better, active and ergonomic posture while seated. When you sit and work on Back App, you exercise the core muscles that support the spine as your body because your body must concentrate on sitting in the correct position in order to keep your balance. Studies show that Back App gives the midsection muscles the same type of exercise as cycling, horse riding or rowing. Studies also show that people who suffer from back pain noticed a decrease in said pain when they used Back App compared to other chairs. The height-adjustable seat allows you to adjust the chair to best suit your body and working position. The tilt of the chair can also be adjusted and is easily controlled by screwing the red ball into and out of the frame.

• Pilates stool - This is a good choice for those who want an active sitting position. The chair has an air-filled seat reminiscent of a pilates ball. It gives just enough instability that causes the body to ‘concentrate’ to sit properly. The effect is that you are sitting properly and exercising your core muscles. Proper use of the stool is excellent for preventing back problems and a good alternative to a traditional office chair as it allows you to sit more flexibly and actively. The chair also lets you get close to your items, and is therefore particularly suitable for bedside care, hairdressing salons and the like.